Bridget Spain

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Rev Bridget Spain lights a candle in honour of Lyra McKee at the Unitarian Church’s Good Friday service for the victims of the Troubles. Photograph: Ronan McGreevy

For the last 19 years the Unitarian Church in St Stephen’s Green has had a Good Friday ceremony to name all those who died in the Troubles in Northern(...)

Theatrum Biblicum by Johann Fischen (circa 1650): Adam and Eve were children in paradise. It is only in breaking the bond with parents  the child can become an adult.

Ever since science disproved the factual accuracy of the Jewish scriptures, the stories contained in them have been largely ignored. This is true of t(...)

The residents are kept physically safe, they are fed and watered and generally  staff act kindly. With rare exceptions, nursing homes are not examples of places filled with joy; there is not much life to be found in them. Photograph:  Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

In all probability at some time during 2018 Irish citizens will be asked to vote on whether or not to remove the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution.(...)

Many toothpastes contain micro beads.  These tiny particles enter the water system. The beads settle on the sea bed and are toxic to microbes that feed on them. Photograph:  Anthony Grehan/PA Wire

The thorny subject of bin charges was discussed before the Dáil broke up for summer. The Taoiseach remarked that “we must encourage people to throw aw(...)