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So it’s basically an iphone 5 then?

HOT ‘Them’s The Breaks’ A documentary following the #WakingTheFeminists movement crowdfunding on Prince’s memoir We can’t wait to read (...)

Food is life. The madeleine memories it brings are involuntary, deep in your bones. Illustration: Irish Times Premedia

“When all the others were away at Mass I was all hers as we peeled potatoes . . . ” You insist that they read this Seamus Heaney poem at your m(...)

November 7th marks 25 years since Mary Robinson was elected the first female president

Each week on the podcast, the presenter Irish Times journalist Kathy Sheridan asks listeners a question and this week in Mary Robinson provided the(...)

A photo with victims of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in late 2012. Photograph: Win McNamee/Getty Images

My children played a new game at school the other day. It was called Code Red. It was a game, but it wasn’t supposed to be fun. “The teacher pu(...)

The most successful innovations of the future won’t be ones that rely on the latest technology, but ones that are centered around reuse and recycling,(...)

Helen Fielding’s latest Bridget Jones book, Mad About The Boy. Photograph: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Flicking through the Sunday magazines on the way to the green bin, looking at the shiny pictures of countries I’ll never visit and wines I’ll never dr(...)

Helen Fielding: many of the writer’s strengths are on display in the new Bridget Jones novel.  Photograph: Freud/PA

Number of pages in this book: 386, not counting acknowledgements. Hours spent reading this book: five. Laugh out loud moments: three. Alcohol units: 0(...)

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