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Mental health organisations all report increased demand, with many reporting increased suicidality among clients, callers and texters. Photograph: iStock

Despite many commentators’ worst fears, and the dire circumstances thrust upon many people by the Covid crisis, suicides have not increased in the pas(...)

‘Loneliness and isolation are probably the main issues. We know that families are very important for people with mental health problems.’ Photograph: iStock

Covid-19 doesn’t just make people physically ill. It has also led to higher levels of anxiety and mental illness across Ireland. Combating it is no(...)

Irish export: Kabul’s  Irish Club – Afghanistan’s only bar – is a booming reality.  Photograph: AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo

The drink. Its harm has cost the nation more than €2.3 billion per annum and over €40 million in alcohol-related absenteeism. Its abuse has led to ove(...)

Kirwan’s GP first did a physical examination before referring him for tests

Shane Kirwan has good reason to remember the day he came out of hospital after surgery for bowel cancer. It wasn’t just that he had successfully bee(...)

Waiting times: ‘People have died waiting for investigations,’  says Galway city GP Brian Osborne. ‘Early detection leads to better outcomes and also costs less.’ Illustration: Thinkstock

Doctors agree that waiting times for X-rays, scans and other cancer tests can be long, but just how bad the situation is seems to depend on where in t(...)