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 Targets with only a moustache or beard were addressed as ‘walrus’ or ‘beaver’. A man with both was called ‘Royal Beaver’. Photograph: iStock 

Grim as the autumn of 1922 must have been in Ireland, it had its frivolous moments too. Some of them centred on a game involving policemen – the same (...)

William Saroyan: impressively cavalier attitude to money

One of the illicit joys of reading literary correspondence is discovering that great writers can be just as hypocritical as the rest of us, sometimes.(...)

Saint Augustine of Hippo. Illustration: istock

I meant to mention it in my review of the book (which appears elsewhere in this newspaper today), and somehow forgot. But an unfortunate feature of Th(...)

In April 1943, the Swiss scientist Albert Hofmann accidentally  ingested a small amount of a compound he was analysing, LSD

Much as I enjoy cycling, I didn’t participate in the global event known as Bicycle Day, the 75th anniversary of which fell on Thursday. There wasn’t m(...)

Flann O’Brien: prescient

Myles na gCopaleen should have been alive to read an ad from the current London Review of Books for a limited edition of the latest Julian Barnes nove(...)

An Béal Bocht debut:  TG4, on Christmas Day

One of the most famous passages from Heinrich Böll’s Irisches Tagebuch (Irish Journal), mentioned here yesterday in connection with the writer’s cente(...)

‘Clearly not Flann’: Robert Farren, aka Roibéard Ó Faracháin, the poet.

On behalf of Flann O’Brien fans everywhere, I offer belated thanks to Ronan Farren (Letters, December 5th) for solving a mystery that had perplexed ou(...)

From the David and Edward O’Kane exhibition at the Flann O’Brien conference in Salzburg last July  From the David and Edward O’Kane exhibition at the Flann O’Brien conference in Salzburg last July

It is sometimes said by those who claim to know such things that Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman reads like the work of a man who has been droppin(...)

David O’Kane’s poster, inspired by the ‘The Third Policeman’, at the International Flann O’Brien conference in Salzburg

On a rare outing from his Irish Times column, in 1954, Myles na Gopaleen (he had by then dropped the eclipsis) wrote a short story for The Bell magazi(...)

Micheál Ó Nualláin – artist, savant, and brother of the comic genius Brian

Readers with long memories might recall the short-lived and highly uninfluential Campaign Against Cold Guinness which I launched in another corner of (...)

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