Brian Nelson

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Hairy Dragonfly: Found around clean, still waters such as ponds, lakes, ditches, fens. Usually solitary but groups can be seen in woods early in the season. Photograph: Liam Lysaght

Dragonflies are probably the most deadly group of aerial Irish predators. Easily spotted chasing down quarry, these effervescent hunters sport some of(...)

Legal papers set out that Brian Nelson, a former British soldier who died in 2003, was actively involved in targeting the plaintiff and others for murder.

A gun victim who claims a British army spy targeted him for murder is to receive £90,000 in damages, the High Court in Belfast heard on Wednesday. Ea(...)

1992  ended with a controversial speech  by Patrick Mayhew in which he said that Sinn Féin could be included in future talks if the IRA ended its campaign.  Photograph: Frank Miller

The year 1992 began with an upsurge of IRA and loyalist violence in Northern Ireland. On January 17th, seven Protestant building workers were killed(...)

Not for the first time we see acknowledged the inevitable corruption of the moral standards of state forces when drawn into the ethical morass of runn(...)

Former INLA prisoner Malachy McAllister walking in this year’s St Patrick’s Day parade alongside Sinn Féin vice-president Mary Lou McDonald and president Gerry Adams.

New York and New Jersey congressmen will introduce and support a Bill in Congress next week aimed at postponing the deportation of a former Irish Nati(...)

Irish Government must hold “the British government to account” over allegations UDA intelligence officer Brian Nelson was allegedly urged by his British intelligence handlers to get the UDA to launch a bombing campaign in the Republic in the late 1980s, says Sinn Féin MLA Gerry Kelly

Sinn Féin has stated that reports of how British agent Brian Nelson allegedly set up republicans and nationalists for murder and targeting demonstr(...)

Postal workers form a guard of honour after the funeral Mass of Daniel McColgan, as his remains are carried from the church. Photograph: Dara MacDónaill/The Irish Times

A coroner has said he is “incredulous” after bullet casings evidence from a sectarian murder in Northern Ireland disappeared. Daniel McColgan (20), a(...)

New species: the emperor dragonfly arrived in 2000. Illustration: Michael Viney

Some of the scientific names for creatures have been so easy on the tongue that I would feel sorry to give up saying them, even to myself. Libellula q(...)

Gerry Adams called on Dr Michael Maguire to set aside his conclusions until he ‘had access to British Army files and other pertinent intelligence records’.

The Sinn Féin president Gerry Adams has criticised a report by the North’s Police Ombudsman Dr Michael Maguire into his shooting by loyalists 30 years(...)

Eamon McMenamin, who has died aged 54 in his adopted home of Belfast, was a pioneer of civil litigation on human rights issues in the North. In the la(...)