Brian Espey

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Beaghmore Stone Circles in Co Tyrone, a few miles northwest of Cookstown. Photograph: Ken Williams

Less than 100 years ago, dark skies dominated Ireland. For millennia, the stars guided farmers and helped form our earliest mythologies, while the cyc(...)

Night sky, uncontaminated by artificial light, seen over the Twelve Bens in Connemara, Co Galway. Photograph: Ray Butler

Only 5 per cent of Ireland has pristine night skies free from artificial light, according to a Trinity College Dublin professor leading the first surv(...)

Voyager mission in outer space

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the launch of the Voyager spacecrafts, which were sent into space on a mission to explore the outer planets. T(...)

Starry starry night: Dark Sky Ireland finds  more value in an unpolluted night than in filling B&Bs with star-struck winter hobbyists. Illustration: Michael Viney

A couple of winters after moving to Mayo I reported Venus to the Garda Síochána. There she was, on a starry February night, lying right on the sea’s h(...)

Duke Special plays the Harvest Music Festival tomorrow.

Limerick LGBTQ Pride Festival 2013: Limerick Host Madonna Lucia alongside DJ and dance troupe “Audio Angels” kick things off this evening at The Parlo(...)