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Nelson’s list of garden plants of Irish origin also includes more than eight hundred different Irish roses. Photograph: iStock

How do we place a value on history? What is the magical process, aside from the slow and steady passage of time, that leads us to recognise the cultur(...)

Members of the public have been urged to report incidents of water pollution, fish kills or illegal fishing. File photograph: iStock

Farmers have been urged to be vigilant to the pollution risks posed to rivers from slurry discharges following the conviction yesterday of a large dai(...)

Is your idea of the perfect piece of garden art something along the lines of a classic bronze sculpture? Or do you prefer the idea of something slight(...)

Narcissus ‘Rip van Winkle’. Photograph: Richard Johnston

As gardeners, we may occasionally grumble about Ireland’s cool, damp climate but oh, how our daffodils adore it: everywhere I looked this week, I see(...)

Preliminary watercolour study  of Iris ‘Killiney’ by botanical artist Jane Stark. (Drawing courtesy of ISBA)

As the wife of a professional garden photographer, it’s not unusual to find myself standing in a stranger’s garden grumpily harrumphing while my husba(...)

 Dermot O’Loughlin: said the note he sent to workers advocated that they get financial advice about the best way to use what was due to them from the old scheme.    Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times

Trustees of the former Irish airline workers’ pension scheme clashed with a trade union official representing workers who had invested in the insolv(...)

Aer Lingus has pledged to contribute €191 million to seeding the new superannuation scheme while the DAA has committed to paying €72 million. Photograph: Frank Miller

Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) unions plan to begin balloting workers in coming weeks on proposals to end the deadlock over the €750 million hole i(...)

Former Aer Lingus and Aer Rianta/Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) workers in the UK are likely to receive full pensions

Former Aer Lingus and Aer Rianta/Dublin Airport Authority (DAA) workers in the UK are likely to receive their full pensions, while their ex-col(...)

Passengers pass through an Aer Lingus check-in area. Photograph: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Proposals designed to end a dispute over a €780 million deficit in the Aer Lingus/Dublin Airport Authority retirement scheme are grossly unfair to (...)

A letter from the IASS trustees circulated to the DAA, Aer Lingus and trade unions proposes cutting pensions by the maximum allowed under the law.

Pensioners earning an average of €16,000 a year face a cut in their payments under new proposals designed to resolve a long-ru(...)

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