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Painted fingernails of silicone RealDoll sex dolls  at the Abyss Creations factory in San Marcos, California. Photograph:  David McNew/Getty Images

Looked at closely and compassionately male desire is more complicated than many assume it to be As I took in the rows of heads mounted on the wa(...)

File photograph: iStock

The reality is that the carrot features too rarely and the stick too often. Some individuals have become so used to the stick that its appearance is w(...)

 Bridget O’Dea,  who suffers from chronic migraine headaches.  Photograph: Dave Meehan

“You’re f***ed up,” he told me, “but I love you”. Pain is scary. It is scary for those who experience it and it is scary too for those who bear witne(...)

Workhuman co-founder and chief executive Eric Mosley. The company announced a 32 per cent rise in revenue to $452 million (€410 million) for 2018.

Irish-founded software company Workhuman is in talks to bring its HR-focused annual conference to Europe. The move comes as the company announced a (...)

Jonathan Van Ness: ‘You’re never too broken to be fixed.’ Photograph: Isak Tiner/New York Times

Jonathan Van Ness was having a late breakfast at the Empire Diner, around the corner from his one-bedroom apartment in the Chelsea area of New York ci(...)

 Brigid O’Dea: “If love could cure me, I’d never so much as sneeze again.”

After losing yet another hour of my “bedbound” day wandering aimlessly through YouTube’s more obscure corners, it is hard not to feel like my life has(...)

The first thing in raising a son is to decide what kind of man you want to make.

Can you remember that moment? Holding your baby son in your arms for the first time? As you gazed down at his soft little face, I bet you hoped with a(...)

“The day after Bobby died, a ‘Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep’ photographer arrived to take the most precious photos we will ever have... it was one of the most difficult things we have ever had to do.”

The words of this article have been spinning around in my head for quite some time; amongst grief and loss and making sense of life again. It took a (...)

Accept that anxiety is something that every single one of us is managing; some just feel it worse than others. Photograph: iStock

Whether it’s the back-to-school panic that is invading many homes, the “Monday fear” following a weekend of excess or the crippling anxiety that forc(...)

Being able to speak well in public and building a rapport and following in the process is one of the greatest skills that a leader can possess. Public(...)

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