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The greater Dublin commuter belt area and the southeast have the lowest supply of primary and community care. Photograph: iStock

Plans to move patient treatment away from hospitals and into the community will be undermined by significant inequalities in the spread of health serv(...)

Poor life expectancy today is related to many factors such as deprivation, social class and education level. Photograph: Getty Images

One of the best indicators of human wellbeing is that we are now living longer. The last official figures, based on the 2011 Census, showed life expec(...)

Angela Copley set up a support group for clerical child abuse survivors in Dublin’s Ballyfermot. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Angela Copley, who set up a support group for clerical child abuse survivors in Dublin’s Ballyfermot, “mothered” many in the area, her son Derek recal(...)

London: A traditional destination for Irish emigrants going to the UK. Photograph: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images

For the past two centuries Irish people have been free to move to Britain to seek employment. Although such migration was more restricted during the S(...)

Donald Trump speaks during the Republican  candidates’ debate in New Hampshire in February. Photograph: Reuters/Carlo Allegri

A red and white “Make America Great Again” peaked cap was hanging on the door of Morrissey’s bar in Doonbeg Wednesday with a hand-written message unde(...)

A rally organised by the federation of Dublin anti-water charges campaign. Photograph: The Irish Times

Before he had to step down as chair of the commission on water charges during the summer, Joe O’Toole was accurate in his criticisms of the posturing (...)

Brendan Walsh captures the impish grins of Dublin chisellers as they play in the ruined north city centre. His wonderful but undated black-and-white p(...)

Prof  Brendan Walsh:  May 6th, 1940-May 17th, 2016

Prof Brendan Walsh, who died suddenly age 76, was a hugely influential Irish economist. Walsh was the youngest of four children. His father was a ci(...)

Insights from Brendan Walsh’s many papers helped underpin the substantial progress in reducing unemployment in the 1990s

The untimely death of Brendan Walsh last week marks the passing of one of the foremost researchers on the Irish economy, and a gifted teacher who insp(...)

With broadband speeds getting faster, technology costs going down and the cost of connecting decreasing, the internet of things is on the growth curve

Earlier this year, credit card company Visa and management consultancy firm Accenture teamed up to develop an in-car connected system. The link-up sho(...)

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