“Without warmth released from the Gulf Stream in the north Atlantic, our winters could be about 5 degrees C colder and the storms could get even fiercer.”

It is, quite preposterously, 2020, far further into my future than I ever expected to get. I should have prepared something appropriate for such a por(...)

A talking cow who bad-mouths the then 28-day March from the supposed safety of April. Photograph: iStock

As if the Brexit deadline wasn’t ominous enough already, I realised this week that it is scheduled to coincide in Ireland with the annual visitation o(...)

Jane Urquhart: ‘The Rás seemed to me to be a mythic thing when it began in the mid-1950s. God. The weather. And the potholes.’ Photograph: Stephen McCarthy

Jane Urquhart is indisputably a Canadian novelist. She was born in Ontario. She shares an editor with Margaret Atwood and Michael Ondaatje. She has(...)