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Denzel Washington could hardly be classier casting for the vaulting Macbeth.

Of all Shakespeare’s tragedies, the Scottish Play is the one that rattles along at the greatest pace. Get in a few excellent actors, light the thing w(...)

We are introduced to Michael and Jimmy’s father Bren (Francis Magee) in prison

Given RTÉ’s uneven track record in scripted drama, it was entirely possible that Kin (RTÉ One, 9.30pm) would be an expensive calamity. Yet to date it (...)

Sharon Horgan (in red) at the Forty Foot in south Dublin in August. Photograph: Tom Honan

The series Sharon Horgan was spotted filming at the Forty Foot in Dublin in August has been revealed to be a dark comedy that she stars in and has wri(...)

The late Nika McGuigan (left), who won the Actress in a Lead Role award, and Nora-Jane Noone in Wildfire

The winners of the 2021 Iftas – the Irish Film and Television Academy awards – in the film and TV drama categories have been announced in a virtual ce(...)

Declan Crean who owns the Scholars Lounge in Rome. Photorgaph: Declan Crean

This week’s surprise segue by the Government to delay the planned reopening of indoor hospitality until a vaccine pass is developed leaves the Republi(...)

Barack Obama at the White House cinema. Photograph: Pete Souza/US National Archives

Naturally the first cinema release you will want to see after 15 months of death, chaos and upended lives is a movie about death, chaos and upended li(...)

Iftas 2021: Normal People is nominated in a staggering 15 categories

The nominations for the 2021 Iftas – the Irish Film and Television Academy awards – in the film and TV drama categories have been unveiled. David Frey(...)

Josh Cullen in action for Anderlecht in Belgium. “In England and Ireland, people sort of think European football is tippy tappy and quite slow paced. It’s definitely not that.” Photograph: Sylvain Lefevre/Getty Images

This Josh Cullen interview reads like an advertisement to expand one’s football horizons beyond the clogged up Premier League. Cullen will miss out o(...)

Riverdance: The Animated Adventure – the Irish elk turn out to be pretty nifty dancers

It was inevitable that Riverdance would be made into a movie. The stage show has been going strong for much of the 25 years since the night in 1994 wh(...)

Covid-19 infection in meat plants has been a source of concern. File photograph: David Sleator

If meat plants had been closed during the Covid-19 pandemic it could have resulted in food shortages and would have collapsed the agricultural economy(...)

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