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Floral tributes at the house in Castleknock, Dublin where the body of Tom O’Gorman’s body was found. Photograph: PA

Friends and former colleagues of Tom O’Gorman spoke yesterday of his warm and engaging personality, his commitment to his religious faith and of their(...)

The Dead Zoo might have made an apt home for the Seanad, but the second chamber should be saved from extinction. Photograph: Frank Miller

In 1923, the original Seanad of the Irish Free State sat in the Furniture Hall of the National Museum while Leinster House was being renovated. An eve(...)

We should not consider redefining marriage, which is valuable as our most child-centred social institution.  Photograph: Eric Luke

David Robert Grimes (June 26th) takes various people to task for “twisting” science to serve religion. But Dr Grimes does plenty of twisting in his ow(...)

David Quinn: insists children are better off with their biological parents. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

There have been few debates on social issues in Ireland in which religion did not loom large; whether the topic has been contraception, homosexuality (...)

Did Dr Who borrow one of its key memes from the papacy? For those unfamiliar with the flag(...)

Legislating for surrogacy

Sir, – Breda O’Brien (Opinion, March 9th) writes that “everybody sympathises with infertile couples”. Sympathy is not what the involuntary chil(...)

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