Morrissey: the singer removed an anti-fascist protester from his  concert. Photograph: Andrew Lipovsky/Getty

Morrissey has ejected an anti-far-right protester from a show in Portland in the United States. During his performance at the city’s Moda Center on M(...)

Billy Bragg (left) accused Morrissey of spreading racism. Photographs: Getty Images

Billy Bragg has condemned Morrissey for sharing what he described as a “white supremacist video” from a YouTube channel that argued that the(...)

Tommy Halferty

SATURDAY JUNE 9 Carmel McCreagh/Flo McSweeney/Fiachra Trench Arthurs, Dublin, 9.30pm, €12, It sounds simple – two singers, one pianist(...)

The Killers: Ronnie Vannucci Jr, Brandon Flowers and Mark Stoermer. Photograph:  Anton Corbijn

The Killers’ drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr walks into the quiet hotel bar first. He’s a formidable presence, a beefy man with a confusing beard, wearing (...)

Long gone are the eye-linered days of Hot Fuss, when any member of The Killers could have been the hungover lad serving you in Topman, and in its plac(...)

Its themes may cover the isolation of modern living and the trouble with instant gratification and empty consumerism, but OMD’s 13th album is no po-fa(...)

The Killers: Direct Hits

If you were to leave a bunch of New Order, The Cure and The Smiths albums out in the hot Nevada sun, they might eventually melt and then coalesce toge(...)

 Brandon Flowers: clean-cut but awesomely energetic

Smile Like You Mean It. The title of one of the Killers hits pretty much summed up Saturday night’s concert in the Phoenix Park, the second in a trilo(...)

A VW gets a makeover at last year’s Vantastival

No sooner have the daffodils released their brilliance and the first auld fella commented on the stretch in the evening being grand, and it’s b(...)