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Ian Poulter retrieves his ball out of Rae’s Creek, the water hazard that winds through Amen Corner, lovingly named for John Rae, the Irish-born fur trader, slave owner, and convicted murderer. Photograph: Harry How/Getty Images

In an alternate universe somebody in CBS will grab hold of a microphone at Augusta sometime over the next four days and go completely rogue. Ditching(...)

Magnolia Lane and  the Augusta clubhouse. Photograph:   Scott Halleran/Getty Images

No matter how many times you go there, when you drive through the unassuming main gate off Washington Road and look into nature’s tunnel of old magnol(...)

Argentine golfer Roberto De Vicenzo holds his head after he signed incorrect scorecard and cost himself a tie for the Masters Golf Tourney here on April 14th. De Vicenzo actually finished in a tie with Bob Goalby, but the mistaken scorecard cost him a stroke and Goalby won.

Shortly after 5pm on Easter Sunday April 14th, 1968 Roberto De Vicenzo leaned back in his chair at the picnic table located behind the 18th green at A(...)

Rory McIlroy attends an Ulster v Leinster rugby match with Niall Horan – one of the many interests he has away from the course. Photo: Getty Images

A few Christmases back, Ukrainian winter conditions settled across Ireland and one of the expected consequences of the ice storm was that Rory McIlroy(...)

 The James Brown Arena in Augusta, Georgia. Photograph: Annette Brown/Getty Images

In all the years I’ve been coming to the Masters, the regular early-morning journey has involved driving from a rented house on the banks of the Savan(...)

Portmarnock Golf Club: has been chosen to host  the (British) Amateur Championship in 2019 despite its male-only membership policy. Photograph: Morgan Treacy/Inpho

Some things can be swept under the carpet (of manicured turf) only so long, hidden from view. But, eventually, someone will open the can of worms an(...)

Number five Justin Thomas, quarterback of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, perhaps the best player in today’s game. Photograph: Scott Cunningham/Getty Images

I do not claim to be an expert on Irish sports – my dear wife Robyn would likely contend that that label can be extended far more broadly – but it wou(...)

Philip Reid looks at the three key holes at the week’s PGA Championship. Photograph: Inpho

4th 196 yards Par 3 The pond stretches all the way to the front of the green, so the player’s shot is do or die. As Jack Nicklaus said, “You know wh(...)

Augusta National Golf Club is spoken about in hushed tones but the vast majority of the city’s residents could not care less about blushing azaleas or stately loblolly pines. Photograph: Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The two-minute video begins with footage of a pair of teenage girls squaring off, trash-talking, apparently, about a boy, and then fighting. There is (...)

The chubby adolescent has been long replaced by work-out Rory, complete with ‘selfies’ highlighting his weight-crunching regime. Photograph: Erich Schlegel

There are few more glaring examples of sport’s ovine instincts than this faddish bulking up by golf’s top players. And there is no greater example of(...)

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