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Lasagne Bolognese. Photograph: iStock

It’s a myth that you need to boil fresh or dried lasagne noodles before baking the whole thing, but what is true is that lasagne is better the second (...)

Roast chicken. Photograph: iStock

Everyone should know how to roast a chicken. It’s a life skill that should be taught to small children at school. The ability to properly prepare a mo(...)

Caesar salad. Photograph: iStock

Caesar salad is of Mexican origin. You probably didn’t know that, crediting it instead to the Italians. Nope. Another reason to love Mexico – unless y(...)

JJ Walsh: by next Thursday, he will have served 61 years and five months

Never mind the world championship, which climaxed in New York on Wednesday. The big chess story this week is nearer home – in this newspaper, to be ex(...)