Fyre Festival: the organisers improvised with emergency tents left behind from Hurricane Matthew

“I wasn’t following it at the time,” Chris Smith says of the events detailed in his new documentary. “I saw the news story when it fell apart, but sin(...)

The accommodation at the exclusive Fyre festival in 2017 turned out to be dome tents

Two attendees of the disastrous Fyre music festival, which promised Caribbean glamour but delivered chaos, have been awarded $2.5 million (€2.15 milli(...)

 Ja Rule (pictured) and his business partner, Billy McFarland, were behind the Fyre Festival, and attendees were promised music, catered meals and VIP accommodations in a beach paradise. Photograph: Nina Westervelt/The New York Times.

On Friday, the music industry woke up to the news that the Fyre Festival, promoted as a pair of luxurious concert weekends in the Bahamas, had been ab(...)

Fyre Festival tickets cost up to $12,780 for a four-person package. Image: FF/YouTube

The organisers of a luxury music festival in the Bahamas have apologised after the event descended into chaos, drawing comparisons to The Hunger Games(...)

A ‘luxury’ festival in the Bahamas has reportedly descended into chaos. File photograph: Getty Images

It was billed as an Instagram-worthy luxury festival in the Bahamas - but the supposedly glamorous Fyre Festival seems to be anything but. Tickets fo(...)