Tesco Ireland  intends supplying more than 6,400 tonnes of waste food a year from its stores in the Republic to Kildare-based Green Generation

Tesco plans to cut carbon emissions by converting waste food from the British chain’s Irish stores into natural gas. Until recently surplus food tha(...)

Billy Costello of Green Generation, Nurney, Co Kildare. “A RHI “will make it possible for farmers to become ‘energy farmers’, to put crops into a biogas plant”.  Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Some of Ireland’s leading food and drink companies are supporting a big move into production of biogas, an emissions-free energy source from agricultu(...)

Irish farmers are confident of quality produce. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times

It’s an ill wind that doesn’t blow some good, especially when it is generated by World Health Organisation (WHO), according to some farmers and meat p(...)