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In an attempt to build a connection between the kitchen’s carefully cultivated direct supply chain of local and artisan products, and the people responsible for them, it has produced a food suppliers map for guests.

“There’s lamb stew on every day. Mr Brennan will have it no other way.” The Mr Brennan in question is hotelier Francis, of the Park Hotel, Kenmare, a(...)

“Party Food to Share”:  suggestions for breakfast and brunch parties, lunch, dinner, and special occasion feasts, all focusing on sharable    platters

Party in the Italian style Irish chef Mark Moriarty headed to Melbourne, Australia, last January to further his culinary education when his role as S(...)

Aine Kinsella and Niamh Duffy. Photograph: Andres Poveda 

Crumble’n’Crunch is such a clever idea you wonder why nobody has thought of it before. No surprise that the women bringing it to market are food indu(...)

There’s nothing quite like truffles for a touch of decadence in the kitchen. But they’re an expensive indulgence, so it was with interest that I hear(...)

Time for tea Irish company Max Benjamin has created a range of candles inspired by varieties of tea. They come in duck egg blue and gold pretty l(...)

 Illustrator Pierce Healy’s design for the first in a series of  Clement & Pekoe’s ‘neighbourhood artist cup project’

CUPS OF STYLE FROM CLEMENT & PEKOE Now that our morning coffee is such a talking point – and if yours is anything less than a single esta(...)