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Perfect Day founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi.

A foodtech company that began in Cork has raised a further $350 million to bring its lab-developed animal-free dairy products to market. This takes t(...)

Perfect Day founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi

A start-up looking to bring lab-developed animal-free dairy products such as ice cream, butter and cheese to market raised $160 million (€141 million)(...)

Perfect Day founders Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi

A biotechnology start-up, that evolved from a Cork accelerator, has raised $140 million (€125 million) in funding to help its bring animal-free dairy (...)

On Wednesday, the High Court ruled that an applicant must have “unbroken” residence in Ireland for a year dating up to their application date. Photograph: iStock

When Bill Liao, who arrived in Ireland from Australia around 10 years ago, heard of Wednesday’s High Court ruling on citizenship applications, his fir(...)

Perfect Day’s ice cream is dairy free, made with a lab-grown protein

A Cork-born biotechnology company has begun selling an ice cream free of animal products, which has been developed using a lab-grown protein. Perfect(...)

Ryan Pandya and Perumal Gandhi of Perfect Day, a company that is developing synthetic milk

A Cork-born biotechnology company that is seeking to bring synthetic milk to market has raised a further $34.75 million (€30.5 million) in investment.(...)

Talent Garden’s new “VC in Residence” Brian Caulfield warned start-ups need to thing longer term about funding

Many start-ups don’t think hard enough about their long-term funding needs and also fail to cast their net wide enough when it comes to financing, tec(...)

The Hatch programme provides participants with €25,000 in investment, as well as mentoring, office space for a year and a chance to pitch to a follow-on fund.

We may like to imagine the fish we eat comes from free-flowing rivers or the open seas but in reality, this is often not so. Over half of all fish con(...)

Bill Liao, managing partner, and Sean O’Sullivan, founder and managing partner: SOSV was last year ranked as the fourth-largest and most prolific accelerator investor in the world. Photograph: Barry Cronin

SOSV, a venture capital firm set up by Sean O’Sullivan, is looking to raise $250 million (€212 million) for a fourth investment fund. The firm, which(...)

Bill Liao, founder of RebelBio and a partner at SOSV, said a decision had been taken to relocate the programme to London for good for its sixth cohort, which takes place shortly

RebelBio, a Cork-based life sciences start-up accelerator programme, is relocating to London on a permanent basis, blaming in part a lack of instituti(...)

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