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Us president Donald Trump: “It came from China.  It should have never been allowed to get out.” Photograph: Doug Mills/Getty

US president Donald Trump announced he is to resume daily coronavirus taskforce briefings at the White House, as the number of coronavirus cases in th(...)

US president Donald Trump talks with reporters  on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC. Photograph: AP Photo/Susan Walsh

US president Donald Trump overrode his budget team and backed funding for the Special Olympics on Thursday, after his proposed cuts to the athletic pr(...)

A combination photo of NBA basketball player LeBron James and US President Donald Trump. Photo: Robert Galbraith/Reuters, Leah Millis/File Photo

LeBron James was in Las Vegas the other week watching his 13-year-old son Bronny play in the AAU National Basketball Championships. As his team, the N(...)

US education secretary Betsy DeVos speaks at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Maryland. Photograph:Jim Lo Scalzo/EPA

US education secretary Betsy DeVos has defended her decision to rescind transgender protection measures introduced by Barack Obama, claiming that it i(...)

People gather outside of the White House in Washington during a protest against president Donald Trump’s plan to rescind anti-discrimination protections for transgender students. Photograph: New York Times

The Trump administration has rowed back on transgender protection measures introduced by his predecessor Barack Obama in a move that has outraged LGBT(...)

Donald Trump’s imploding job approval might help slow the march to autocracy.

When I travel to Asia, I’m fairly often met at the airport by someone holding a sign reading “Mr Paul.” Why? In much of Asia, names are given family f(...)

A protestors holds a placard that reads “We will be Watching You, Betsy DeVos” outside US Senator Dianne Feinstein’s office in Los Angeles on Tuesday. Photograph: Mike Nelson/EPA

All week the adverts have been flashing thick and fast across television screens, urging people to lobby their Senate representatives to vote for – or(...)

Betsy DeVos testifies at the Senate Health, Education and Labor Committee confirmation hearing last month. Photograph: Yuri Gripas/Reuters

The US senate has confirmed school choice activist Betsy DeVos as education secretary, with vice-president Mike Pence breaking a 50-50 tie. The sen(...)

Alma Kashkooli, (12), from Iran who has a severe medical condition, is wheeled out of customs at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport by her mother Fahimeh Kashkooli who is living in the United States on a student Visa while studying at Fordham University Law School. Alma is in the US to have eye saving surgery according to lawyers for the family. Photograph: Reuters

The US justice department has urged a federal court to reinstate president Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban on people travelling from seven ma(...)

Democrats are eager to block   Donald Trump’s plans to appoint judge  Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court. Photograph:  Stephen Crowley/New York Times

Donald Trump is threatening the biggest showdown of his nascent presidency after he urged the Senate’s Republican leader to “go nuclear” if Democrats (...)

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