Beth Gibbons

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Portishead: Beth Gibbons at the Electric Picnic music festival in 2014. Photograph: Dave Meehan

In the summer of 1994, when many alternative-rock kids were kicking up mud to Nine Inch Nails and Green Day, Dummy, the debut album from the Bristol-b(...)

Keaton Henson: “I’ve always been willing to put myself through other hardships to avoid the specific feeling of being confronted by hundreds or thousands of people”

In addition to believing that the human brain is the most incredible thing in the entire universe, the late Oliver Sacks always maintained that music (...)

It’s always interesting when artists find the right mood music. When you hear Lauren Henson’s Solo Dancing, you get a track that has the chill fact(...)

Rebecca Collins: Solar

She’s thus far best known as lead vocalist with quirky Danish alt.rockers The Unusual History of Ether (not quite a household name, but creators of(...)

Best beard of Electric Picnic 2014: Sean O’Reilly from Donaghmede in Co Dublin

Best bands Portishead were sublime: in between the snap and the hiss, the cackle and crackle of the music, Beth Gibbons turned, sighed and lam(...)

Portishead lead singer Beth Gibbons on the Main Stage, Saturday Night. at Electric Picnic 2014. Photograph: DAVE MEEHAN

There’s something resoundingly old-fashioned about Portishead. They refuse to play the game – three albums in 20 years is not the usual stuff of the p(...)

Beth Gibbons of Portishead. Photograph: Shirlaine Forrest/Wire Image

When Geoff Barrow spoke to this newspaper two years ago, there was a long list of projects to talk about. That year alone had seen releases from hi(...)

In many ways Everyday Robots is the last word on the great Blur-vs-Oasis debate. Back when Damon Albarn was writing drivel such as Country House, i(...)

Hozier: Spotify predicts big things for the Wicklow musician in 2014

Time was when “industry experts” (aka lazy music journalists and hangers-on) would shove out the annual bore-athon that is “Ones To Watch Next Year In(...)