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What does Budget 2020  mean for you? Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

Brexit and climate change might have been the dominant elements of Budget 2020 but there are a number of measures that will impact on the personal fin(...)

If you have two children, that means anything above €620,000 will be subject to inheritance tax – formally known as Capital Acquisitions Tax – at 33%. File photograph: Getty Images

US President Donald Trump vowed to abolish it, but the Swedes did so. The Economist deems it a “fair” tax, philanthropist Chuck Feeney is avoiding it (...)

“A lot of people feel that it’s immoral to have to pay tax on the family home, and I think that’s why there is a lot of bad feeling towards the tax.” File photograph: Frank Miller

The current inheritance tax threshold of €280,000 does not reflect a booming housing market and has forced some children to sell their family homes, a(...)