Bert Trautmann is played with humble charm by David Kross

You’d have to work very hard to kill the story of Bert Trautmann. Indeed, it is astonishing that we are only now seeing a biopic of the former German (...)

Manchester City’s goalkeeper Bert Trautmann dives at the feet of Birmingham’s Peter Murphy during the 1956 FA Cup Final at Wembley. Trautmann broke his neck making the save, but played on. Photograph:  Allsport Hulton/Archive

The main problem for the makers of The Keeper was what to leave out from the life of Bert Trautmann. One can imagine a film – maybe a whole TV series(...)

Gordon Banks  makes a save in a match against  Hungary at Wembley in 1965. Photograph: PA/PA Wire.

Gordon Banks, a World Cup winner with England in 1966 whose diving, twisting save to thwart Pelé in 1970 is lauded as one of the greatest feats of goa(...)

Dave Langan in action for Ireland v Spain in 1985 in Cork, attendance 15,000. The Liam Miller match is set to top this

The Liam Miller tribute match, due to take place on Tuesday looks destined to comfortably exceed the existing record for the biggest ever attendance a(...)

Tony Wright: his debut book is tentatively called ‘Chapter & VerseChorusVerse: Another D*ckhead on the Road’. Photograph:

Tony Wright still remembers the day his music teacher told him exactly what he didn’t want to hear. “I remember going for orchestra tryouts in primary(...)

Manchester City goalkeeper Bert Trautmann dives at the feet of Birmingham City striker Peter Murphy during the 1956 FA Cup final. It was whilst making this save that Trautmann unknowingly broke his neck. Trautmann has died aged 89. Photograph: Allsport Hulton/Archive

Bert Trautmann, the German prisoner of war who went on to earn fame for playing for Manchester City in the FA Cup final despite a broken neck, has die(...)