Thomas Mair, who has been found guilty at the Old Bailey, London of the murder of the MP Jo Cox. There is little doubt that he regarded Cox as a “collaborator” against the white race.  One of the last searches he conducted on Birstall library computers was into people who had been executed as traitors. Photograph:  West Yorkshire Police/PA Wire

Reclusive, nervous and by his own account gripped by feelings of worthlessness, Thomas Mair struck his neighbours and many of his relatives as odd but(...)

Jo Cox and Thomas Mair who is accused of the murder of the Labour MP. Photograph: Yui Mok/West Yorkshire Police/PA Wire

Thomas Mair, who is accused of murdering the British Labour MP Jo Cox, has opted not to give evidence in his defence at the Old Bailey in London. Th(...)

 Court  artist sketch  of Thomas Mair,  who is accused of the  murder of Labour MP Jo Cox. Photograph: Elizabeth Cook/PA Wire

The Labour MP Jo Cox was shot three times and stabbed repeatedly in a preplanned murder with a political or ideological motive, the trial of the accus(...)