Liam Neeson has ‘helped to raise Ireland’s profile and awareness of Ireland and Irish artists around the world’.

Liam Neeson is to receive a special award from President Michael D Higgins for his outstanding contribution to the Irish diaspora. The annual Presid(...)

Detail from ‘Ireland’s Crossroads, Camden Town’ from the Bernard Canavan exhibition at the Kenny Gallery in Galway until December 11th

A new selling exhibition of paintings by London-Irish artist Bernard Canavan, under way at the Kenny Gallery in Galway, is likely to appeal to the man(...)

Artist Bernard Canavan with his work Early Morning, Camden Town. Emigrants, he said,  were deeply affected by the “hypocrisy” of being told they were betraying their church by moving to England as their remittances were spent in Ireland

A prominent London-Irish artist and historian has said there needs to be a deep(...)

Detail from   “On Diaspora Road” by Bernard Canavan

An emigrant returns for a holiday. He hires a car and drives to his native Cavan and a pub full of locals. He enters and buys a drink for everyone. Th(...)