The blow-out episode of Sherlock is an awkward attempt to adapt every conceivable film genre, as though seduced by the aura of its stars’ careers. Photograph: Robert Viglasky

In one dizzy moment over the weekend, when the series finale of Sherlock (BBC1, Sunday) leaked online, you could be forgiven for thinking that shadowy(...)

Kevin McCallister in 1990 with an object known as a magazine

 The Christmas movie has entered something of a fallow period, with few new entries being entered into the canon of festive favourites in recent(...)

The Late Late men: Robbie Williams, Johnny Sexton and Graham Norton

Is the Late Late Show turning its back on the good old days of having something for everyone in the audience? That is what it looks like. Welcome to (...)

Robert Downey Jr has told Mark Zuckerberg that he would be delighted to voice the Facebook chief executive’s AI personal assistant

In other Facebook news, Mark Zuckerberg is busy building Jarvis, his AI personal assistant. Last week, he asked Facebook users for suggestions on vo(...)

Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg drew scorn for wearing “This is what a feminist looks like” T-shirts

They say that the devil’s greatest trick is convincing the world he didn’t exist. But I know of one better: the trick played by the patriarchy, which(...)

Arguably celebrity endorsements for remaining in the EU fell on deaf ears in the way celebrity endorsements for shampoo don’t.

Hey Britain, what happened? You are meant to love a celebrity endorsement. You can’t get enough of Clooney’s coffee or Helen Mirren’s face cream. You(...)

Opiates are compounds found naturally in the opium poppy plant Papaver somniferum.

Legions of Benedict Cumberbatch fans will be delighted with the news that filming has just got under way for the fourth Sherlock Holmes series. Featu(...)

Caitlin Moran: “Irish people have the ability of being able to monologue on and on and on and on”

Caitlin Moran (40) is a British journalist and author of books including the bestseller How to Be a Woman, which served as a rallying call to a new g(...)

Each week The Women’s Podcast asks listeners a question and this week, our presenter Kathy Sheridan took inspiration from British feminist and author(...)

A file photo of a child in the Jungle refugee camp in Calais, France. Hundreds of migrants and refugees based at the camp have been ordered to leave next week or face eviction, local aid workers said. Photograph: PA

Hundreds of migrants and refugees based at the Jungle camp in Calais have been ordered to leave next week or face eviction, local aid workers said. S(...)

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