Ben Goertzel

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Sophia the Robot and Ben Goerzel, chief scientist of Hanson Robotics and chief executive of SingularityNet.

Saudi Arabia may have been the first in the world to bestow citizenship on Sophia the humanoid robot but it seems as though Ireland is the country sh(...)

Sophia, the robot who has been granted Saudi citizenship

Back in July, Ben Goertzel, chief scientist at Hanson Robotics, trotted out two of his robots, Sophia and Han, to attendees of the Rise technology con(...)

“Hello, I am  a robot”: The Uncanny Valley  is the label for when robots or animations look humanlike but not enough and cause onlookers to feel uncomfortable.

Robots and artificial intelligence (AI) were very much present at last week’s Rise Conference in Hong Kong. One of the highlights seemed to be two rob(...)

Paddy Cosgrove (centre, right), founder and CEO of Web Summit, and other participants during the   Nasdaq bell opening ceremony on the second day of the summit in Lisbon, Portugal. Photograph: Andre Kosters

Perhaps it was the US election results, or maybe it was the after-effects of the second night of celebrations at the Night Summit, but the early atte(...)