Under the Road Traffic Act 1961, anyone using an electric scooter or other mechanically propelled vehicle  must have insurance, road tax and a driving licence. Photograph: Dave Meehan for The Irish Times

Using an electric scooter is not permitted under existing road-traffic legislation. Anyone caught using one in public spaces could be fined, given pe(...)

The Government is currently considering numerous schemes to ensure the overall tax take from motoring does not drop significantly as a result of moves to lower emission vehicles. File photograph: Bloomberg

Rural drivers could be forced to pay higher levies than urban motorists if the proposed plan to tax the distance travelled by cars is introduced, an A(...)

As the mandated accompanying driver, you do need to be proactive. Don’t presume the learner has seen a potential problem ahead. Photograph: iStock

After four days cocooned in a maternity hospital, I found the December rain swirling around the car park bracing, to say the least. But, as any first-(...)