Baroness Hale

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Sinéad Burke: “Her mission is clear,” says Vogue: “To educate designers on how to be fully inclusive in fashion and beyond.” Photograph: Sara Freund

Vogue has named an Irish woman as one of the 25 most influential and aspirational female figures working in Britain. Speaking from London, Sinéad Burk(...)

Northern Ireland’s Attorney General John Larkin: The “extent of the failure to understand the orthodox Christian position” was “striking”. Photograph: NewRay Pics

The North’s Attorney General John Larkin has questioned the British Supreme Court’s ruling upholding judgments against the Christian owners of a guest(...)

The scales of justice at the Old Bailey in London. A new report in Britain has found that the average prison sentence given to white criminals is seven months shorter than that given to Afro-Caribbean offenders. Photograph: Stephen Hird/Reuters

Meeting black youths in sink estates in south London is often, if not always, a depressing experience: life ambitions are limited, while their life ch(...)