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Scammers use the likes of LinkedIn to find out who the chief executives and senior financial staff are in companies. Then they send bogus emails purporting to be from bosses to employees instructing them to transfer money into certain bank accounts

Not long ago almost all the fraudsters who tried to part us from our money were spectacularly stupid. They would send us barely literate emails tellin(...)

Grooming techniques and aids include scissors, tweezers, depilatory creams, waxes, sugaring, electrolysis and laser treatments. Illustration: iStockphoto

In The Female Eunuch, Germaine Greer disapproves of how women are encouraged to dislike body hair, observing: “In extreme cases women shave or pluck t(...)

The Irish Medicines Board has warned people against getting tanning injections at tanning salons or using similar unauthorised tanning products bought(...)