Secretary of State John Kerry greets Afghanistan presidential candidate Abdullah Abdullah at the American embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, yesterday. Photograph: Jim Bourg/Pool via The New York Times

US secretary of state John Kerry began a series of meetings in Kabul yesterday in the hopes of finding a way out of a presidential election crisis tha(...)

Abdullah Abdullah (centre) at a Kabul rally yesterday at which supporters urged him to form his own government. Photograph: Diego Ibarra Sanchez/New York Times

The US threatened yesterday to scrap security and financial support to Afghanistan if a deepening crisis over the disputed presidential election en(...)

Abdullah Abdullah, the frontrunner in Afghanistan’s elections, insists optimistically that Afghans have “risen beyond” ethnic politics. And his(...)

 Afghan Presidential candidate Ashraf Ghani speaks to journalists in Kabul earlier this month. Photograph: S.Sabawoon/EPA.

Afghanistan’s presidential election is set to go to a second round between former foreign minister Abdullah Abdullah and ex-World Bank economis(...)

Afghan Independent Election Commission workers transport electoral materials on donkeys. Photograph: EPA/Abdul Mueed

Mohammed Reza went to register this week for Afghanistan’s presidential election – but left angry and disenfranchised. Queues, hundreds of peop(...)