Harvesting and storing  produce is  as challenging as growing it. Photograph: iStock

A guide to harvesting and storing your produce, from herbs and onions to fruit and vegetables If you grow some of your own fruit and vegetables,(...)

Many of the very best foliage plants are trees or shrubs including  deciduous Japanese maples. Photograph: iStock/Getty

Just like bees, we gardeners are drawn irresistibly to flowers, seduced by their beguiling colours and bewitching scents. It’s why garden centres make(...)

Oaklands, Blessington, Co Wicklow

 Ahh for Georgian grandeur: the high ceilings, the delicious symmetry, all those sash windows and lovely plasterwork. Who wouldn’t love to live i(...)

Jimi Blake in his west Wicklow garden, Hunting Brook. Photograph: Sean Jackson

He’s been described by the Telegraph newspaper as one of the world’s “new plant gurus” and is chums with Monty Don (the mellifluous-voiced presenter o(...)

Florists are eschewing outdated ‘toxic’ oasis foam for natural, curly stalks in a vase

If you’re a regular reader of this column, then you’ll know that I’m more than a little nutty about home-grown cut flowers picked fresh from the garde(...)

For centuries, lilac has been prized as a cut-flower. Photograph: Richard Johnston

What is it about a lilac in full bloom that so touches the heart? The poet and essayist Walt Whitman called this woody plant’s intensely perfumed flow(...)

TJ Maher in his garden Patthana in Co Wicklow, planting summer containers. Photograph: Richard Johnston

What’s the secret to creating a brilliantly colourful, pollinator-friendly display of summer pots that will still look as good in late September as it(...)

An armful of freshly picked summer flowering hardy annuals. Photograph: Richard Johnston

One of the valuable gardening lessons that this summer’s fierce drought taught me as a flower farmer florist – and it taught me quite a few – is the i(...)

I recently made the mistake of smugly pointing out to an old, non-gardening friend of mine that her summer window box could, with just a little TLC, b(...)

Wake up and smell the flowers this summer. Photograph: Getty Images/Cultura RF

It’s summer, that magical time of year when many of Ireland’s best gardens are opened to the public. But which to visit over the coming months? We’ve (...)

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