Arthur Russell

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Peter Broderick: will release a new EP, Two Balloons, on November 9th

I first heard of Arthur Russell from people saying I sounded like him. This happened for years before I heard his music. When I finally did hear it, I(...)

Jean-Michel Basquiat: he “was like his own university. He was always gathering material and information and storing it.” Photograph: Alexis Adler/Magnolia Pictures

Sara Driver’s new picture, Boom for Real, about the late teenage years of the New York artist Jean-Michel Basquiat, is a huge cause for celebration. L(...)

You can never quite tell what Tim Burgess is going to do next. Having conquered the indie realm with The Charlatans, his first solo album back in 200(...)

Låpsley: “You forget that the music reaches out to people and that what you do isn’t as private as you might think”

Some musicians and songwriters prefer to go the solo route for fear of having their creative vision picked apart. Merseyside’s Låpsley (real name Hol(...)

Arthur Russell, an accounting teacher at the Institute of Education, said higher-level accounting was “a fair, well-balanced paper, with one or two tricky questions which required students to think on their feet”. Photograph: Srdjan Srdjanov/Getty Images/iStockphoto

Leaving Cert students faced some unpredictable questions that required careful handling in their accounting exam, according to one teacher. “The pap(...)

The universally positive response to this year’s Leaving Cert business paper, which is one of the most overloaded and theoretical subjects, suggest(...)

James Greenwood wields a variety of sounds on his debut album, but the most intriguing thing to hand is the London producer’s own curiosity. His ha(...)

We’ve been waiting ages for Arthur Russell’s musical legacy to enjoy some shine, so perhaps this compilation will do the trick. A fascinating figur(...)

Donal Dineen: searching for treasure

The best of music gets lost for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it’s because we’re neither alert to it nor looking hard enough to notice something (...)

Not quite an outright pop heartthrob, not quite a household name, not quite cool enough to get the seal of approval from discerning musos: it’s safe t(...)

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