Arno River

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A drawing in red chalk widely accepted as a self-portrait of Leonardo da Vinci. Biblioteca Reale, Turin. Machiavelli collaborated with Leonardo on a plan to steal the river Arno from the Pisans, bringing them to their senses, or their knees, or both.

By the time he died, 500 years ago today, Leonardo da Vinci had long risen above the disadvantage of his illegitimate birth. His father was a wealthy (...)

The Peace Bridge is a cycle and footbridge bridge across the River Foyle in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Derry Delight With Channel 4’s hit series Derry Girls shining a light on the city to a whole new audience, the four-star Bishop’s Gate Hotel is offer(...)

Susie Bioletti, Keeper, preservation and  conservation, Trinity College Dublin in the Long Room with Peter Keegan, Bank of America Merrill Lynch viewing the Book of Dimma, the Book of Garland of Howth and the Book of Mulling.  Photograph: Cyril Byrne/THE IRISH TIMES

We have all heard of the heroic role Irish monks played during Europe’s Dark Ages, preserving and copying the continent’s early literature. Less well(...)

Portrait of Eleanor of Toledo (1522) by Agnolo di Cosimo, called Bronzino. National Gallery of Prague

With brief exceptions, the Medici ruled Florence from the mid-15th until the mid-18th century, rising from the lowly rank of traders in textiles to(...)