Some 1.5 million Irish people are among those whose personal data – including names, Facebook IDs, and phone numbers – were compromised. Photograph: Chris Delmas/AFP via Getty

Facebook users whose personal data was compromised in a recent leak have been urged to join a legal case against the tech giant that will be the large(...)

In his opening address to Digital Summit Dublin, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar said new questions were being raised around the development and applications of AI and machine learning. Photograph: Aoife Moore/PA Wire

The Digital Summit Dublin, now in its third year, is probably one of the more interesting Irish technology gatherings you’ve never heard of. With high(...)

The researchers said they would use the data to build a brain tumour information system and ‘interrogate biologic and genetic data across a range of tumour types’.  Photograph: iStock

A project to harvest information on brain tumours from 9,000 Irish patients has been rejected over concerns about patient consent and the potential sh(...)

The North’s regulator denied Brexit was behind its move to set up its own retail IT system, insisting the timing was purely coincidental. Photograph: Reuters

The drive to create an all-island electricity market is under threat with the Northern Ireland Utility Regulator planning to break from the Republic o(...)

Ireland, one of the few remaining countries without postcodes, is to get them next year. But the unusual format chosen for them, in a long-running (...)