Christy Griffin has been released from Midlands Prison, Portlaoise. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

Notorious crime gang leader Christy Griffin has been freed from prison after serving a sentence for rape. Gardaí are now fearful a feud that emerged (...)

The President of the High Court said it was in the interests of the public, and of the legal profession, this “unattractive” practice should not be allowed continue

The High Court has ordered the shutting down of a website involved in what is known as internet “claims harvesting”. The President of the High Court,(...)

The story of John Mitchel and Jenny Verner may be heroic but  their support of slavery has placed their legacy in a moral desert from which the waters of justification have long evaporated. Yet, for romance, for adventure, for suffering for what they believed in, for improbable tragedy, the story of Jenny Verner and John Mitchel is compelling

In Between Two Flags: John Mitchel and Jenny Verner, I make a remarkable claim; that the story of love story of the Ulster couple John Mitchel and Jen(...)