Mistle thrush song. Drawing: Michael Viney

As an eccentrically early riser, I share the first birdsong of the morning long before sky and sea have agreed the horizon. A skeletal hawthorn, proud(...)

Derek Mooney: too often comes across as a caricature of a daytime radio jock

As a keen observer of wildlife, Derek Mooney surely knows that for all the majesty of the natural world, it’s also a harsh, fickle and unforgiving env(...)

Greenland barnacle geese wintering on Inishkea. Illustration: Michael Viney

Inishbofin, long and low on our horizon, rests between clouds and sea in one of autumn’s distant shades of grey, a last landfall before the wide ocean(...)

Safe flight: it is important to respect nesting grounds of birds in remote areas. Illustration: Michael Viney

Now that its wiggly road signs have stopped shuddering in the storms, the Wild Atlantic Way could be launched on an impressively successful year. Alon(...)

Territorial: a raven’s skirmishes can be claw to claw. Illustration: Michael Viney

Living beneath the flight path of ravens commuting from the mountains to the shore has let me eavesdrop on a good few of the 64 calls supposedly ident(...)

When doves fly: Ireland’s doves survive in their pure form only on islands strung out from Donegal to Kerry. Illustration: Michael Viney

Inishbofin comes and goes on our horizon, its silhouette often hazed in mist or spray — veiled sometimes, too, in rain, but not for long. On clear aut(...)

Relaxed: the swallows have been taking their time to migrate this year. Illustration: Michael Viney

It was that spectacular Sunday – here on the west coast, at least – discovered when I took my walk at sunrise. The blaze behind the mountain was about(...)