It is alleged Kieran Creaven, a television producer in the RTÉ Sports department, flew from Ireland to meet up  in Leeds with someone he believed to be a 13-year-old girl.

The video starts with a camera phone pointed at the ground. White runners are pounding on a dark pavement. A woman’s voice calls out a name and her ha(...)

Social media are not subject to regulation. Photograph: Istock

If social media companies do not develop a system of independent regulation for the content they host, then governments will have to step in and make (...)

 David Murray: he has now abandoned plans to move to Monasterevin in Kildare. Photograph: Cyril Byrne

A man who was falsely accused of being a child abuser by residents of Monasterevin, Co Kildare has said he has no desire to sue for defamation because(...)

Convicted child sex offender Anthony Luckwill. Photograph: Ciara Wilkinson

A woman who wrongly identified a man as a sex offender in her town – leading him to require Garda protection – has defended her actions. Last Friday,(...)

Facebook is coming under increasing pressure in several countries to introduce speedier and more transparent moderation policies.

What redress is available to someone who suffers an incident similar to what happened to David Murray last Friday in Monasterevin? While publishers (...)

One of the posts on Facebook discussing alleged sightings of Anthony Luckwill in Monasterevin

A man who required Garda protection in Co Kildare after being falsely identified on social media as a sex offender is considering taking legal action.(...)

A Garda source said whoever posted the photograph of Facebook “should be ashamed of themselves.”

A man required Garda protection in Kildare over the weekend because he was falsely identified as a notorious child abuser on social media. On Friday (...)

Judge Michael O’Shea jailed sex offender for two and a half years in relation to 16-year-old and for the offence involving 13-year-old, he imposed a two-year term.

A sex offender who posed as a casting agent for TV programmes on the social networking site Bebo and set up an “audition” for a 16-year-old boy whom h(...)