Annie Curtis

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The expert advice is that one of the best ways to remain healthy is to get a strong dose of daylight early in the morning. File photograph: Getty Images

Turn off the tv and climb off the couch. Getting out and about over the winter months is a fun and free way to boost your physical and mental healt(...)

Keeping those internal clocks well oiled is a key to good health, and building timely exercise, food and sleep into our days and nights can help

For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic has thrown usual routines out the window. Yet, while we can mentally lose track of days, our body clocks are (...)

The timing mechanism in each human cell enables the body to anticipate and respond to the 24-hour external environment. File photograph: Getty Images

New insights into how the body clock controls inflammation have been revealed in research by scientists at Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and Tr(...)

Above, from left (standing): Lara Cassidy, TCD’s genetics department; Marina Lynch of TCD’s institute of neuroscience; Aoife Gowen of DIT’s environmental health department. Seated, from left: Annie Curtis of Trinity’s biomedical science Institute and Aoife McLysaght of TCD’s genetics department. Photograph:  Bryan O’Brien

Ada Lovelace – few people know her name, but more should and soon will.She was the daughter of the poet Byron, a mathematical prodigy, and the world’s(...)