The members of LAB Trio may be indecently young, but this much-admired Belgian outfit have been exploring music together for a decade – a fact that is(...)

LAB Trio: Fluxus
  • Music
  • May 2, 2014, 00:00

The stand-out act at the recent 12 Points festival of new European jazz in Umea, Sweden, LAB are a trio of shockingly young Belgians playing with the (...)

Andi Schnellman from Schnellertollemeier at 12 Points

Umea is a music town. Metal monsters Meshuggah hail from this neat, low-rise city of 117,000, huddled on the jagged shoreline of the Gulf of Bo(...)

Live Foyn Friis “crafts an earthy, shamanic sound that is equal parts folk, jazz, indy and country”

The theme of the 12 Points festival is that there is no theme, and that’s its strength – over the course of each festival, all planets in the m(...)