Only 286 unions were classified as actively trading, with the largest 50 accounting for more than half of the movement’s €15.9 billion of assets at the end of last year.  Photograph:  Colin Keegan, Collins Dublin

The Oireachtas finance committee is set to call for a review of lending limits for credit unions by regulators, throwing its weight behind a key recom(...)

Patrick Casey: he  will be responsible for the regulation and supervision of the credit union sector in Ireland

Patrick Casey has been appointed registrar of credit unions in the Central Bank. Mr Casey is currently head of resolution in the regulator. He will (...)

Central Bank’s chief economist Gabriel Fagan will step down in the fourth quarter. Photograph: Alan Betson

The Central Bank’s chief economist Gabriel Fagan is to step down later this year. Dr Fagan, who has been in the position since 2014, played a key rol(...)

The Irish credit union sector continues to recover from the crash but at a slow pace, with demand for loans remaining sluggish and the low interest ra(...)

The Central Bank had issued €12 million in fines in 2016, the largest annual amount it had ever levied against firms. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

The Central Bank of Ireland allocated 28 out of 170 new full-time staff at the end of last year to address Brexit-related issues. * This has emerged (...)

Registrar Anne Marie McKiernan has not ruled out investment in social housing but warned the credit unions that they need to carry out more reorganisation. Photograph: Frank Miller

A major investment in social housing by the credit union movement has not been ruled out by the sector’s regulator, the Central Bank’s Registry of Cre(...)

Bank of Ireland’s latest fixed-rate cuts of up to 0.35 per cent won’t have cut much ice with Michael McGrath. Photograph: Eric Luke

On Monday, Fianna Fáil made its election pitch to Irish mortgage holders, outlining nine things it would do in Government to stimulate activity and en(...)

The Central Bank said that credit union lending continues to fall, dropping from €7 billion in 2008 to just €4 billion in 2015 - a near 15-year low. (Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times)

The Central Bank is set to amend a new rule introduced on January 1st which prevented credit unions from accepting deposits of more than €100,000 per(...)

There are 383 registered credit unions in Ireland providing services to over three million customers with  assets  of €14.3 billion.

Poor quality underwriting and a failure to understand the principles of sound lending remain significant problems within Irish credit unions, an exter(...)

Credit unions said on Friday that the new regulations place “unwarranted restrictions” on credit unions, and send out a message that may cause “reputational damage” to the movement. (Photograph: Matt Kavanagh/The Irish Times)

Credit unions across the country have criticised the publication of new regulations by the Central Bank on Friday morning, arguing that they will res(...)

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