Anna Shiels-McNamee takes an unusually wry view of the process of going blind.

Oneday Belltable Theatre Limerick, Sep 12; St John’s Theatre, Listowel, Sep 19th; (touring until Sep 28th) What happened on Mar(...)

My Dad’s Blind:  Anna Sheils-McNamee and David O’Meara. Photograph: Ste Murray

MY DAD’S BLIND Space Upstairs, Project Arts Centre ★ ★ ★ ★ If the aim of Anna Sheils-McNamee’s two-hander is to evoke the disorientation and capricio(...)

Paul Meade as Henry Higginsand Anna Sheils-McNamee as Eliza Doolittle. Photograph: Futoshi Sakauchi

★★★ This is an age of upstarts, observes a man in the crowd early in Pygmalion, where anyone can become somebody else as long as telltale signs of (...)