Ann O Keeffe

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Women continue to snub pensions in large numbers. Ann O’Keeffe, head of individual life and pensions at Aviva, describes the “largely stagnant” figure for women saving for retirement as “worrying”.

Women continue to snub pensions despite years of efforts by the financial services industry to persuade them of the need to save for their retirement,(...)

Almost half of those with no private pension say they intend to rely on the State pension for their income in retirement. Photograph: iStock

More than half of Ireland’s working adults expect to carry some debt with them into retirement. and two in five anticipate that they will still be pay(...)

While the vast majority of Irish people still want to own their home, a significant proportion are likely to become “forever renters”, as a combinatio(...)

The avoidance of debt is a higher priority for women than it is for men (69% versus 56%) according to Aviva research.

One third of Irish people are still paying for financial mistakes made in the past, according to a new survey. The report also calls for personal fina(...)

The survey found an increase in the number of adults describing themselves as financially struggling, which rose 2 per cent to 29 per cent.

Five years on from the financial crisis and foreign holidays are once again a staple of most Irish households, even those in financial hardship. Acco(...)

More than a quarter of Irish parents are saving for their children’s education. Photograph: Alan Betson / The Irish Times

Three out of four Irish parents think student loans could be a great idea according to a new survey, which also unsurprisingly reveals that parents ap(...)