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Minister for Justice Alan Shatter’s speech last night has switched the spotlight to Rehab, an  organisation many people have been itching to get their teeth into and is another stick of political dynamite. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

In a way, it was inevitable that Rehab would be dragged into the charities, controversy - the only question was how it would be done. Minister (...)

Minister for Justice, Alan Shatter expressed particular concern about lotteries operated by Rehab, which provides education, training and employment for people with disabilities.

Minister for Justice Alan Shatter has raised concerns over the low profit margins in Rehab Lotteries and questioned the “costly” legal action the char(...)

“The salary of [Rehab] chief executive Angela Kerins is already something of a cause célèbre.”

The growing controversy over how much the chief executives of companies and institutions that operate at one remove from the public service are being (...)

Going nowhere for now: George Hook. Photograph: Fennell Photography

Faced with a declining audience, is there anything Ray D’Arcy won’t stoop to? Apparently not. For those who suspect the presenter’s past outbursts of (...)

Angela Kerins of Rehab: ‘It’s not down to politicians’ statements or media commentary or individual board members, it should be independently assessed and judged and that’s what people want.’ she said. Photograph: Bryan O’Brien / THE IRISH TIMES

Rehab Group chief executive Angela Kerins has called for greater transparency on salaries in the charitable sector and among private companies who ten(...)

Angela Kerins: “I firmly believe that being a social enterprise is all about creating and sustaining jobs and that’s the difference between us and purely commercial organisations.”

The Rehab brand has become so pervasive in Ireland that it almost disguises the scale and breadth of the organisation which has 80,000 clients, a turn(...)

The Rehab Group is to expand into the Middle East and has set up a subsidiary in Saudi Arabia, which is expec(...)

Simon Scriver of fundraising training company Total Fundraising said Rehab Group chief executive Angela Kerins (above) would earn more if she was working in the private sector. Photograph: Bryan O'Brien

Senior management of charities should not be paid the same as those in similarly sized private sector companies, a new public opinion survey sh(...)

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