Coal-effect electric fires: there are many different types but none require a chimney or much adaptation.

I am hoping to install a coal-effect electric fire in my fireplace and I wonder do I need to seal up the chimney first? I am wondering if rain were to(...)

If your existing home/extension is not covered under “exempted development” (planning regulations) or does not have the required permission, you will have to seek “retention” permission.

What are the private open space requirements that would allow an existing granny flat to be converted into a separate dwelling that would satisfy Dubl(...)

Should you wish to sell, a lender will generally be reluctant to provide a mortgage to a prospective buyer for a property with outstanding planning issues

I live in a terraced single-storey period cottage in Dublin. When I bought it in 2006, the flat-roof of the extension was in use as a sun-deck and nei(...)

The use of lime-based materials in the construction of older buildings is one of the main reasons why they have survived so well to this day.

I am in charge of an old parish house called Millbank in Trillick, Co Tyrone. It has been unoccupied for some time but kept heated. The external plast(...)

Loose slates: A full roof survey inspection should be undertaken immediately by a competent professional to establish the condition of a damaged roof.

I live in a recently built house – 2010 – in a housing estate of 200 mixed semi and detached houses in Co Wicklow. Since the estate was built, there(...)

The installation of a solar panel arrangement which is at a height greater than 50 cm would not be classed as exempt within the regulations.

I was hoping you could offer some clarification on the topic of planning for a solar panel on a flat roof. I am referring to the exemption: “3. The di(...)

Letting agreements can and frequently do end up in dispute. Photograph: Istock

Q We own a three-bed house that we rent out for investment purposes. The tenants have sublet a room in our property without our permission. They ment(...)