A lot of the time an affair happens because something is not working in the relationship. Instead of one or both facing each other about what’s going on, it’s more tempting to project those energies outside. Photograph: Thinkstock

There is nothing random about January being a peak month of the year for relationship counsellors. The combination of the emotional intensity of Chri(...)

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Q My husband took a female colleague under his w ing after she was abandoned by her husband. She has panic attacks, in part due to the financial me(...)

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Q When I read your column about the young man torn between his fiancee and his older lover [December 17th], it was like reading my own story. Like the(...)

Unequal parenting and a ‘responsibility gap’ when it comes to household chores can have a toxic effect on the relationship.Photograph: Getty Images

Marital therapist Andrew G. Marshall knows it is a message most parents do not want to hear, so he is not surprised to have become a target of abuse a(...)

Y our books have been translated into 15 languages and (...)