Andrew Bowie

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When  Covid-19 gets into our airways, it enters our cells and ejects its genetic material, co-opting the infected cell into making copies of the virus, which then go on to infect other cells. Photograph: iStock

In mid-March, just after restrictions were put in place to slow the spread COVID-19, Dr Nigel Stevenson looked out the window of his Dublin apartment.(...)

Prof Andrew Bowie, Trinity College Dublin

A potential new way to control inflammation, which drives a range of diseases including diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s, has been identified by Irish(...)

Andrew Bowie, professor in immunology, Trinity College Dublin: “We put a virus or parts of a virus into cells in the lab as ‘bait’ and we see what happens”

You spend a lot of time thinking about viruses. Why? “Viruses and humans have co-existed for a long time, and it’s a bit like an arms race: our immun(...)