EU Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker   with EU Council president Donald Tusk  during a EU Summit meeting at the EU headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday: European leaders met without Britain for the first time in 40 years to begin policy-making in the aftermath of Brexit. Photograph: John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

Irish bond yields fell to a record low yesterday, but the National Treasury Management Agency is unlikely to capitalise on the slump in its borrowing(...)

If today’s auction is fully subscribed, the NTMA will have sold some € 5.5 billion in bonds so far this year, edging closer to its full-year target of between € 6 and € 10 billion. (Photograph: Eric Luke/The Irish Times)

Ireland’s auction of €750 million in six-year bonds today looks “attractive” bond analysts say. Peter Chatwell, analyst with Mizuho, said that the 0(...)

The spread between Ireland’s 10-year benchmark government bond and German security of a similar maturity has dropped to 57 basis points from 298 basis points just over two years ago

Ireland’s bond rally has already allowed it to shed the stigma attached to the euro-region’s weakest members. Next stop: joining the area’s strongest(...)