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It’s estimated that glass collisions cause up to one billion birds deaths in the United States and 25 million birds deaths in Canada annually. Photograph: FLAP Canada.

Be it in homes, offices or shopping malls, many are seeking to get closer to nature without having to set foot outdoors. Yet, constructing buildings(...)

Roseate tern numbers improved thanks to a project that saw the Rockabill Island colony grow from 152 pairs in 1989 to 1,603 pairs in 2017. Photograph: Brian Burke

While frosty mornings are currently being shunned by some, birders nationwide are embracing the outdoors. Their reason? To help to paint a picture of (...)

The hen harrier: A 2015 survey estimates that 108 to 157 breeding pairs remain, an 8.7 per cent decline in confirmed and possible pairs since 2010. Photograph: Mike Brown

The twists, tumbles and turns of a hen harrier’s sky dance are a spectacle not everyone has been lucky enough to witness in recent times. Yet while it(...)

There is evidence to show therapy chatbots can be an effective way of calming people, according to Prof Paul Walsh from Cork Institute of Technology. Photograph: Getty Images/iStock

A welcome conversation surrounding mental health has arisen but as more people make the decision to reach out, too few find a supportive hand. Not a (...)

Curlew close-up. Photograph: courtesy of Derek Belsey and Cliff Reddick

The haunting cry of the curlew has long been embedded in Irish literary culture as well as in individual memory. Yet, with the breeding population dro(...)

Zebra mussels are considered our most harmful invasive species and are are ‘particularly problematic’

The Japanese knotweed, rhododendron and giant hogweed are fast becoming household names as these pests continue to invade Irish landscapes. These ill-(...)