The Samuel family, originally from South Sudan, from left: Gabriel, Jennifer, Salome, Morgan, Emmanuel, Esther, Grace  and Victoria  at home in Kilkenny. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan.

“My parents don’t understand me” is the cry of most teenagers during the fraught years of establishing their independence from those who raised them. (...)

Hijabs and Hat-tricks: Training together are Alena Munir, Aseel Bukhatwa, Skalla Waissi, Leila Mohamed, Chantelle O’Neill and Gugulethu Banda; and (front) Mahdiyah Ayub, Zara Himayat, Arooj Hussain, Fadhila Hajji, Amina Mustafa, Iesha Moustafa and Pauline Biron. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Growing up in Tallaght, Fadhila Hajji loved playing football with her brothers. Kicking a ball around the yard during her teen years was the perfect (...)